Saturday, December 31, 2011


It all started 4 days ago at 3 30am. My stomach woke me up and preceded to give me the worst stomach pain (a.k.a someone ripping out my ribs) I have ever had. Of course one of the nurses is on safari and the other just left to go back to the states. So I phoned another volunteer, who brought another volunteer who brought the Maasai guards, and India and the mamas to follow. So there I am crying hunched into a ball on the toilet with a crowd.

I got up to go to the doctor yesterday and found out that is some viral infection. Fun!

Tonight is New Years Eve... India is taking us out for dinner. So this means water and bread and rice HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. Jill:
    We are thinking of you. We've both been sick,, but not nearly as bad as what you've got. We got a head and chest thing that's going around. Mom is all over it and I think I have rounded the corner. We hope that you are also on the mend. Love you,

  2. It's going around Arusha, too. I was down for 3 days...I told Matt that it felt like labor pains. Nothing like a little "African Diet" to keep the holiday pounds at bay. Hope you are feeling better.