Thursday, December 22, 2011

Almost here!

The kids are absolutely nuts right now.

How we have been getting ready for Christmas...

1. Cut out snow flakes- even though the kids have NO idea why they look like the cut outs.
2. Made hundreds of Christmas chains....with every color construction paper EXCEPT red and green... we ran out in early December.
3. Put up the little fake trees in each house. Everyone has an ornament with their picture in it!
4. Christmas cards for their sponsors- shipped over to America already!
5. Christmas Pinatas- Yup a Christian/Mexican/Africa new tradition!! Our St. 5 class made a snowman...covered in glitter. I asked one of the kids today what we should name it...he told me...Frosty...duh..
6. Make cookies for Santa..or so that the mamas and I can eat all of them all.
7. Make Gingerbread house....its a competition going down between our house and Mikumi on Saturday...GO Rubundo house!
8. Wrap 2 gifts per kid..with around 150 total kids...thats 300 presents to thankful
9. Practice, practice, practice for the Christmas pagaent. There are 5 houses and each has to do a dance/song/ something. I decided that since EVERY morning I wake up to the kids singing Waka Waka by Shakira...why not make it a Christmas song, so here are the NEW words for Waka Waka-Christmas Style..

If your a good kid
Throughout the year
Picked yourself up
Helped others out
Calmed others fears

Its Christmas time
You feel it
You know the gifts
Today is the day
Hope its never over

Its Christmas time
You feel it
We have it all
Believe it

The trees set up- oh oh
Santa came- eh eh
Presents present everywhere...ITS TIME FOR CHRISTMAS
Presents presents- love, love
All together- ho ho
Be kind and joyous

(There are 2 more verses but you get the point!)

Merry Christmas to everyone in the states!!

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  1. May the Children's Village have a blessed Christmas, filled with love, warmth and peace.