Saturday, December 3, 2011

A day at clinic

I sent this email to a friend yesterday.

I am currently sitting on a porch outside the offices here at TCF. There are over 80 people lined up to see the doctor that comes once a month. A baby is wailing and people are sitting under trees to get out of the sun. They are wrapped in traditional colorful sheets. Most have been here for 5 hours already. Some have been told to do the long walk again tomorrow. They walk miles and miles on the steep trails and through the coffee fields.

Today people are back and still waiting. Many people had to be turned away but they still wait here and hope maybe the doctor will have time.


Each week during vacation I teach math to a different Standard. This week I had Standard 3. Every morning for 2 hours we reviewed their math from the school year. We played Around the World multiplication/division, went shopping with 'shillings'- aka construction paper with numbers on it, played 'beat the level' game....lots of fun! We went over their whole book in a week! So as a present today we went on a long 2 hour walk. I saw my first African deer-ish thing. Here is a picture of the class! Next week is Standard 4 math and then my first vacation to Arusha!

Yes I wear my five finger shoes to run/walk in....all the kids say I have monkey feet.

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