Monday, December 19, 2011

Sports Bras

How America and Tanzania are the same:

1. They give bras to girls way to early!
-This weekend many of the girls here got their 1st sport bras (even though they totally don't need them.) They keep telling me to come over and then lift up their shirt and have the biggest smiles on their faces.

2. You wait hours for healthcare!
-Yesterday I took two of the girls and the baby (Kisi) to FAME. FAME is Foundation for African Medicine and Education. It is our local clinic and is amazing! The main doctors and visiting doctors are from America. I went in with each of the girls, telling the doctors of their symptoms, history and then got blood and other samples taken. The youngest girl had to get blood taken. So I held her hand, and she jumped three times before staying still enough to get any blood. I think I was squeezing her hand harder then she squeezed mine. They both also needed to give stool samples and oh BOY I have never felt like more of a mother! Trying to coach little girls to poo when all they kept saying were 'i dont have poo...i dont have poo!' It was a fun day.

3. The Music!
- We might be far behind in popular music but here are some of our TZ favorites right now!
Paper Loving by Christopher Martin
Mambo Sawa Sawa by Songbirds

Ways that America and Tanzania are different:

-Going into bars and club you will see the sign 'No Machetes allowed'
-At gas stations you are allowed to fill up water bottles with gas.

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