Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Craziness!

So much has happened here at TCF. So many happy kids!

On Christmas Eve:

-Made cookies...with candy corn...I know, wrong holiday.
-Gingerbread construction 15 minutes....gingerbread demolition 15 seconds.
-Over 100 kids received new PJs...I have never heard so much screaming while opening a PJ present.
-I read The Night Before Christmas like my mom has read to me for the last 24 years!!

Christmas Day:

12am: Wake up to play Santa... made it without being caught SUCCESS
5 45am: We are holding the doors shut into the living room while the kids are screaming for presents.
-We actually convinced them to eat their traditional donut breakfast before opening their presents...first- these donuts sit in the sun for two days (part of the recipe) and second...who waits till after breakfast to open presents-suckers hahah

6 30am the kids open their two presents. Two of the kids said they saw Santa. Within minutes there were cars, tutus, musical instruments and crafts...everywhere.

8 30am Church

11am Christmas Pageant- I will have to put up my videos later...there were dances from Justin Beiber's Christmas album, an African rendition of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and traditional drums and dancing. The kids did amazing!

Then....SODA!!! and piles of food. The kids decided to mix their sodas...I forgot how kids love doing that.

Christmas night we sat down for cocktails and Christmas dinner. I missed Mimi so I decided in her honor to drink a fair amount of white wine. Haha sorry Mimis...have to blame someone. After dinner we brought the white wine (box) to the top of he water tower and watched the African sky...I love Tanzania.

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