Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Last night when I was putting the girls to sleep, one of them asked why I was sad. I did not realize that I seemed sad but kids notice everything. I told them that my babu (grandfather) was very sick and was dying. So we sat and stood together in their room as one of the girls prayed. She prayed for Africa, for each other, and for 'Grandfather'. They asked me if he was going to heaven to be with Jesus. I said that my grandfather is an amazing man and that he will be in heaven. They asked if he will be in the sky with us in Africa and I said yes.

Grandma- the girls want to phone you tomorrow (your morning) to send their prayers to you. I hope this is OK, they want so much to talk to my bibi (grandmother).


  1. Thinking of you often and love reading about how you are doing. I am so sorry to hear about your Grandfather. I hope you are able to find some comfort in how proud he must be of you, we all are.

    Love you lots! xo

  2. So hard to be away during this time, but such a worthwhile endeavor. I hope you can find some peace in knowing you're doing an AMAZING, selfless thing that your whole family is proud of. Keep up the great work! Love you!