Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things I have learned!

Things I have learned so far...

1. Milk is just not the same- powdered room temp milk- only in kwahawa! (coffee)

2. Scrubbing one's feet-hard- everyday- is no guarantee not to get worms.

3. When asking kids here what their favorite part of the day.... many say school!!!

4. Tanzanian pancakes are like crepes....yessssssss

5. Do not give Tanzanian mamas your underwear to wash...FYI

6. Stepping in elephant poo smells REALLY bad.

7. Just because there is roof over your head doesn't mean things cant fall through.

8. Road does not mean road...maybe trail...still drivable.

9. Cockroaches are oddly small here.

10. I love it here!

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