Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Climbing Kilimanjaro

The Climb for Health!
The money for this climb is going to help build our new health center. It is for the kids here but it is also for the people who walk so far everyday to see our nurse and visiting doctor. Last time I walked out and saw a little baby wailing, with a severe clef lip. Luckily, once a year, a doctor from Europe comes and for just $75 american dollars, the child can have it fixed. We sponsor these operations.

People also go into our preschool to get blood drawn for testing...our preschool! So currently we only have one room and a preschool room to help these people.

Here is the website about the climb. http://www.summitforhealth.org/

If you are interested in sponsoring my climb and our new health center please contact me:

On a less serious note: I was in bed all day yesterday with my first African stomach issue-issues...thank you health center!

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