Friday, November 4, 2011

Made it!

I am finally here in the Children's Village. It is unbelievably beautiful. It is also very hot. I live in the Robundo house with 10 ten children and two live in mamas. The kids in this house are mostly the youngest of the village. They love to be read to.

Had the tour of the village and met the other 10 volunteers. The volunteers have come from all over the US and have been on so many other amazing adventures as well.

My driver from Arusha had a Bob Marley sticker on the van so immediately I asked if he liked reggae. We ended up listening to my ipod the whole 3 hour trip out here. It was nice to drive through the mountains both of us singing to Bob, Richie and other artists! We saw two giraffes (twiga) and baboons.

Tomorrow is Saturday so I will help do review sessions for the kids (math, english and crafts).

Monday I start my first 'job' of working with the little ones and doing fun activities with them...can't wait!

I can not upload pictures from the village but I will be able to on Sundays when I go into town.

Sorry so many random thoughts! Still very tired! Nap time!



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  1. I'm so glad you made it safely! I've been thinking of you and hoping you had a safe journey! What's the time difference?