Friday, November 11, 2011

Ahhhh teenage dereva!!!

So today one of the 16 year old girls jumped behind the driver seat for the first time with one of the volunteers. It was hilarious to watch her drive up and down the only tiny road adjacent to the Children's Village. (Dirt of course.) She was all over the grass, back and forth! I now understand why my mom had to have wine before driving with me for the first time.

On a sadder note- I recently learned about the children who have HIV. By Tanzanian law, these children will not find out about having HIV until there are around 11. They do know that if they get a cut they must tell the people helping them to put on gloves. They also know they have special medication they must take everyday. There are only a few of these children here at the village. I am told that when they do find out they are almost relieved to know there is a name to what has been a mystery to them for so long. At the same time, they have all studied health and sex education so they know exactly what this means.

Thankfully they are all heathy and happy!

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