Saturday, November 26, 2011

So much going on!!

So much has happened here at the Children's Village the last two days! Here is a quick recap:
Thanksgiving Day:
Turkey hands with the babies (see picture of Boni!)

Thanksgiving Dinner:
  • A few of us spent all afternoon making desserts. Thanks to Aunt Susie's recipe I made an awesome crumb topping apple pie. We also had pumpkin pie, made from real pumpkin....ok it took two pumpkins because after cutting the 1st one open we realized maggots aren't probably the best spice to put in pie.
  • The turkey came in from Kenya!
  • There were 18 of us at dinner. It was an amazing experience going around the table talking about what we are all thankful for.
Black Friday!

Yes, so American of me but....I did have the babies celebrate Black Friday. I got all the metal plates, cups and spoons and made it into a market. Each kid received 4 shillings (cut up construction paper) and each item was either 1,2,3 or 4 (thousand) shillings. Each little kid lined up, told me how they were doing, then picked out what they wanted and paid! It was way too cute.

Yesterday was also the primary school's last day of school/graduation ceremony. It was similar to ours except MUCH more dancing and singing! Since today was the first day of vacation I started teaching math every morning for 2 hours. I start with Standard 3 and go up to Standard 6 for the next 6 weeks.

Ashley's Last Day

Ashley, who has been a volunteer here for a year is leaving this weekend. So how to celebrate? DANCE PARTY! All of the girls in the Manyara House (girls only) plus some of the older girls came over after dinner and danced to Tanzanian music for 2 hours! We were all very sweaty by the end of the night. We will miss you Ashley!


  1. Ya know, the singing and dancing thing should be required for kids over here. They'd be healthier and happier. Keep it up Jill.

  2. I'm so excited to start following your blog. I just read about it in our church bulletin... Hugs for all those children!