Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oh boy!

*Just a quick note.... if you don't enjoy running- come here. You will feel awesome about your running. As you run through the hills of coffee fields you will have children yelling....I LOVE YOU! And you can wave and say...Oh I love you too.

I was reminded today of the big trip our Standard 3 boys will be taking soon. At the age of about 8, these boys will get circumsized. Because almost all of these children were not born in sanitary conditions, the last thing the baby needs is an infected.....
So for the next few weeks the boys will be given a basket of presents, a diaper-ish traditional wrap and lots of down time...poor guys.
BUT at least they are not the Maasai boys out in the bush! Those boys go through the 'coming of age' cermony. They are given NO pain killers, anesthesia, anything! If the boys cry or show any pain, they are immediately kicked out of the tribe.

Today is also field day! All the kids got their faces painted and are very excited that this is their last week before a 6 week vacation break. This is when I will start teaching math every morning....cant wait!

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