Monday, November 7, 2011


Sundays are our day off so 6 of us volunteers went into Karatu which is the nearest town (about 45 mins.) The road to get out of the children's village is so up and down and extremely bumpy from being washed out so many times by the rains. Hopefully soon I won't get as car sick.

Yesterday was a big soccer game for our school. Around 60 people walked here to watch. If the kids aren't playing soccer, they are asking if they can. I realized that I can only play with the little kids...because at this point my soccer skills are at that level. By Standard Three I get my butt kicked.

Today I started working with the youngest kids. Which means playing! I can not complain. I have 7 2-4 year olds. They love simon says...without the simon says part and every activity last about 5 minutes...for 2 and a half hours! So after lunch- nap time.


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  1. Sounds like you will have the opportunity to work on your soccer skills. Do you have books to read to the 2-4 year old group? Enjoy hearing from you - thanks for keeping us up to date.