Thursday, January 12, 2012

No internet!

Sorry this took so long! We have not had internet in a long time....Africa!

A lot has happened in the last week.

-I had my monthly vacation to Arusha. Here I found the funniest Aussie in the world- Miles. We wondered around the little markets and soon everyone knew him as mzungo chicha....crazy white person. We made friends with the local band, Knuckle to Knuckle, and had dance competitions with weekend.

-Monday I started teaching sports at Gyetighi Primary School. All week we have gone over shiria za michezo (rules for gym class). So for the first time in my teaching career I taught half in Swahilli half in English. Which basically means lots of acting. The Standard 1/2 kids are very young and do not speak English. That was interesting. But they were well behaved and lined up when I told them to do so, spoke when they were told...especially practicing, "Mwalimu Jill" (teacher). Tanzanians have trouble saying my name because there is no vowel at the I am either JAL or JILLI.

-When I have time off during the day I do work or study Swahilli in the teacher's lounge. Man I miss South Burlington's teachers room. There I could actually talk to people! They will speak English to me but I have NO IDEA what they are saying when they talk to each other. Time!

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