Friday, January 27, 2012

It is so soon that I forget…

It is so easy to slip into the routine here at the orphanage. Wake up, make 14 breakfast sandwiches, make sure the kids uniforms are tucked and their shoes tied. The children here always, no matter what time of day, are so full of energy and excited about life. So it is so easy to forget why they are here, and what this place really is.

Yesterday I found the binder that holds the histories of all the children here at RVCV. The first page alone would make you cry. One of India's first children was brought here when his mother died from trying to self-abort her second child and the father was thought to be dead. After his mother died, this child went to live with his great aunt who rarely fed him, treated him as her slave, and abused him violently everyday.
When he was found and brought here they were not sure he would live. He had maggots coming out of his feet and was near starvation. His first few weeks here, he acted out violently and barked like a dog with no idea of how to communicate.

I am so happy to say that this boy and now a young man. He is now in secondary school and thriving. He takes apart everything in India's house; lights, remotes, any electronics and then puts them back together.

This is just one story, of the hundreds here at RVCV. These children have all come so far. I am so grateful to get to know all of them.

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