Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lion King

For those of you who have not seen The Lion King, you should be shamed...and this post is not for you.

Yesterday, I went on safari to the Ngorogoro Crater. 2.5 million years ago the crater was a volcano, that exploded, and then sunk into the ground forming a crater. Since then, animals have been stuck in the crater, kinda like an awesome-ly giant natural zoo. They are over 30,000 wildebeest, thousands of zebras and animals of every kind. We saw elephants, lions, cheetahs, warthogs, birds, jackals, cape buffalos, gazelles and HYENAS... this is where the Lion King comes in...

I wrote an email to a friend about how I wasn't sure what to think about hyenas because of the movie, The Lion King...she replied...

"i don't like hyenas either because of that. that movie was pretty devestating to watch as a little person... let me know what hyenas actually seem like. poor little stigmatized mammals."

This was my response,

OK bad news on the hyenas...yesterday on safari I saw one steal a baby
gazelle from its mother and then rip it apart in front of its family
and friends. So the movie is totally accurate. I have it all on video....

OK, also really random things about The Lion King that you might want to know:

1) Rafiki the wise old monkey also means 'friend' in Swahili. 2) Pumba,
the warthog was really dumb in the movie, and I learned that they are
actually very stupid...for example, they forget they are being chased and then
just stop. Pumba is short for 'pumbavu' which is a curse word in
Swahili for stupid person. 3) Simba means lion in Swahili. 4) Hakuna
Matata actually means 'no problem' but has been super commercialized
here so we say 'hamna shida' instead.