Monday, January 16, 2012


The more Swahili I have learned, the worse my English grammar has become, pole (sorry!)

-A very gracious friend of mine donated $5000 to the Tanzanian Children's Fund. I found out recently that this money was used to buy books for Oldeani Secondary School. 60% of the students who go to our primary school go to Oldeani. This school went from having only 1 book per class to now 20 books per class with this donation. Last year only 1% of that school passed the national exam. With this money, new books, and our student teachers going to help teach, TCF hopes to slowly get involved with this secondary school.

Thank you so much for your donations. Every dollar has made such an impact. I have found that education and health are the key to success here. Your money is being put toward those things. Thank you, thank you!!

- I have been exercising each day with one of the secondary school girls...who just left to go back to school. On one of our runs she said to me. 'It is hard being a teenager. There are so many changes.' Oh man! I didn't know what to say. It is amazing how much these kids open up to you. I told her she only had three more years...haha.

-One of my classes- Standard 5 has 53 students and Standard 7 has 40 students. Class size in Tanzania. They said it is much better this year!! Ah!!

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