Monday, April 30, 2012

Nairobi- My Closest Thing to America

Travel time: 45 minutes on a pikipiki (motorcycle)to Karatu… 3 hours on a NOAH (small crammed bus) from Karatu to Arusha… then around 6 hours to Nairobi depending on how long they want to made you wait at the border. 

My trip!
  • Met an engineer for Serengeti Beer who told me to drink responsibly…. and write a book.
  • Met Tyler at Silver Springs bus stop/ hotel because we thought it sounded the prettiest.  Too expensive, so stayed in a hostel…but still pretty.
  • Friday- Met Mr. Bob Arnot (Tyler's uncle) at the Fairmont Hotel (fanciful). Had a margarita pizza. white wine, and watched slideshows of Bob in the Congo with AK 47's, and terrorist leaders- crazy guy.
  • Tyler and I followed Bob and his film crew to a village outside Nairobi that is sponorsed by Feed My Starving Children. It is the only food these children recieve- a rice meal- three times a day. At night they sleep in their classrooms and share the few mattresses that they have. 

  • Went out Friday night and ate traditional cheap African food. Ugali, mboga, and wynama choma (burnt animal-didnt eat that). Saw an Ethiopian dance for the first time- their 'go-to' dance move is violently shaking their shoulders. Made friends.
  • Saturday- Wandered around Nairobi is search of a bagel…. and success!! This day I ate a bagel egg sandwich, strawberry smoothie (where the strawberries came from, I have no idea), cafe latte, cafe mocha, spring rolls, and ETHIOPIAN FOOD!! My new favorite food EVER! I will call this eating day.

  • Sunday morning I left from Silver Springs, and Tyler flew to Kampala. I am back home at RVCV without experiencing any terrorist attacks! Wahoo!

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