Thursday, April 12, 2012

18 days of awesome!

So much has happened since Karen arrived in March so here is the breakdown...bullet points might be the easiest way to do this..
  • Karen arrived into Kilimanjaro airport and quickly learned of how people here will rip you off if your white. After $250 went into someone's pocket (not the government's), she was let into Tanzania.
  • I met up with Karen in Karatu the next night and realized I forgot to explain the currency, so when she took out money- 10,000tsh which the driver said was, "A very big bill" I explain that yes it is the largest bill but only worth $7. So to take out $7 she probably spent $5 in fees. Ah!
  • The next day we took a taxi back up into the hills of Rifty Valley. Karen spent three days here playing non-stop with the kids. She even helped teach preschool the very important letters Y and Z.
  • We then left for the Ngorogoro Crater with Dottie for the day. We were so close to a young male lion we could have touched it. It was a beautiful day!
  • That night we drove to Peace Matunda in Tangaru outside of Arusha. Peace Matunda is the orphanage and school that we climbed Kilimanjaro with. So we had one day to spend with the kids there...they are all amazing. The orphanage is TZ owned and much younger. It has a fun spirit. We roasted marshmallows and had a dance party.
Must go to school but more later!!!

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