Friday, April 20, 2012

Kilimanjaro Part 2

Read after post below!!

Day 6: Everything, and I mean everything is wet. I have never slept better in a wet sleeping bag in my life. We woke up with only 3 more hours of hiking! It is amazing how it took us 4 days to get up and 8 hours down! Now that Karen was feeling more alive, I think she filmed the whole day. From ant wars, to monkeys in the jungle. We have it on tape! Karen filmed the whole time she was here so I can't wait to see it all! We did our final sign out for the mountain and walked to the little village. We piled back in the same bus and they sang Kili songs on the way back into Moshi. It was sad to say goodbye to Brian, Bobalu, all the porters. We became such a family on the mountain. I will never ever forget that experience.

We got back to Tengeru (outside Arusha where Peace Matunda is) got a coke, got invited to a wedding (at the same time) and then threw our horrible smelling things all over our room. Excuse me for my language but we smelled like "duck ass" Day 5 and 6 after our down sleeping bags got wet. We showered….oh the glorious shower…had some gin, and then got in a car with Bella and Conelli (he did not have gin-our driver) and headed off for Pangani.

Very African…they told us it takes 3 hours to get to Pangani, 7 hours later we arrived…the same day we got off Kili! We woke up the owner at 1 in the morning and just hope we were next to the ocean, and they had a room. Lucky my sad face got us a room for $30/night. When we woke up we were on the Indian Ocean. We had octopus (hard to get in TZ I guess) in soup. Supposedly it can give you the feeling of having wings…oh boy. So we spent a wonderful 2 days on the beach, got some sunburn, got dry sleep, and then headed back for Peace Matunda. The next day I had to go back to school and Karen had to catch her flight. 

We did it all!! RVCV, Ngorogoro, Kili, Pangani…could't have asked for a better vacation. Thank you so much for coming Karen and experiencing African life!

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