Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Holidays!

So today is a Tanzanian holiday! Yeah! No school! It is called Union Day which commemorates the unification of Zanzibar and Tanganyika with Tanzania.

So what has been happening at RVCV...

RAIN RAIN RAIN! It has rained almost everyday this week. Because I teach gym, life becomes a little more interesting when we have to stay inside. There is no 'rec hall' so we just stay in their classroom. This week I have been playing the highlights of the Champions Cup (soccer) the first few minutes of class on my computer and then indoor games. If anyone knows of any sweet indoor game ideas which don't need supplies, let me know!! (I am starting to exhaust heads up 7 up, 4 corners, limbo etc....)

Last weekend I had a 'sleepover' in Tarengerie House (all boys house where I live.) They always sleep together anyway but for officially sleepovers we bring all their mattresses out in the living room and eat popcorn and watch movies. We watched Happy Feet first. I never realized this but the main penguin's name is Mambo. Mambo means, "Whats up?" in Swahili. He also dances similar to a local dance here called Kiduku. The mamas in house LOVED the movie. Tanzania and Happy Feet...who knew. The second movie was Material Girls...yes the boys wanted to watch a horrible girly movie. They loved it.

So now I am sitting in Arusha waiting for the shuttle to Nairobi. Last night I made a very last minute plan to meet up with a friend. He flew into South Sudan a few days ago, and the day he landed, war was declared by Sudan. So they flew him back out and went to Nairobi. So because it is a holiday today, and I heard you can get bagels in Nairobi...and Tyler is there haha....I will arrive in Nairobi tonight!

Tyler was planning on staying in South Sudan to visit children he sponsors through an NGO he started. Check it out!

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