Friday, March 9, 2012


1. Still a vegetarian....going on 4 months! It is easy when at school I am always surrounded by chickens and their baby chicks. So cute!

2. I taught my first class in the POURING African rains. Under a tin roof, I tried to play indoor games like Heads Up Seven Up and Egg Scramble but gave up after not even being able to hear myself. Its a great way to drown out the kids...pun not intended..

3. Well I have officially been here too long. I had my first soccer dream.

4. Speaking of soccer, yesterday I played my first game with the big kids...the men's team. I was petrified. But they were all nice and I actually got a shot on goal. It didn't make it in but it was still a shot!

5. I made English muffins for the first time this week-Africa style. I must say it is easier to make them in the States. With only powdered milk, no cornmeal, and an oven that does what it wants...well... they were eatable.

6. I was looking through one of the science books at school and found out that they teach evolution. But they also have religion class... the controversy continues...dun dun daaa. The pastor, or religion teacher only shows up to class once and awhile so who knows what they are actually learning.

7. It is officially official! Karen Comegys is coming to hike Kilimanjaro with me! She will be arriving in 2 weeks to visit the orphanage, go on safari, and then start climbing April 1st. I cannot wait!

8. Thursday is Clubs after school and yesterday I went to watch Drama Club. Drama club is when two students go up in front of about 50 students in the field and make up a skit. Kids only 9 or 10 years old, and they are the end of the skits they are normally in a dance off... here are pictures...

9. The dentists are here.."Dickson show me your clean!" (They brought sunglasses-everyone loves dentist here.)

10. Rainy season means less Internet...sorry for any delayed responses and less blogging!!

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