Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lazy on my Blog

Sorry I have not been writing as much about Africa as of late.

Here are some updates:

1. I only have two more months! I can't believe four months have pass this quickly!

2. I got another African stomach disease- I feel like I just had that operation where they shrink your stomach so you can't eat as much...what a diet!

3. We had leadership day where each house competed in logic based games. My house lost but we had sweet soccer jerseys-best looking team?

4. Every time I go in Karatu I get my favorite dish (and basically the only one I can eat being a veggie only eater now). It is called chipsy mayai. HOW THE HECK DID AMERICANS NOT THINK OF THIS!!! It is an omelet with french fries in it! I am bring chipsy to America.

5. More rouge animals are making news in the bush as of late. The other night, a rouge cape buffalo was shot just a short 10 minutes walk from here. On the smaller side, the rouge mouse who decided to visit the night I got sick and run across all our things, across the closet hangers and launch itself onto the wall and slide all the way to the floor- is now no where to be found. A lizard took his place and made a home in my nice comfy pillows while I was asleep-sick-on top of them.

6. Every month is mitihani or exams for all grades. I get to proctor the english exams. Yesterday I saw the first black eye in school. It is so sad to see a kid with an eye so swollen he cant read the board.

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