Thursday, March 29, 2012

Karen Made it Here!

Hello to all in the USA. My flight was uneventful - which is great. My connecting flight gave me an hour in Amsterdam. My first night in KIA lodge was great. Moody picked me up and drove me to Karatu the next day. It was about a four hour drive - because we stopped for photos all along the way. Jill came after school to Karatu and spent the night and we traveled to RVCV the next day by car on the rough road - but we made it. We were welcomed by volunteers and children. Mama to Jill is all kept hearing. That was the easiest way for Jill to explain our connection. We were able to put the volleyball net up the first day. Today I watched the play in one of Jill's classes - Standard Six. I have worked in the Pre-K yesterday and today, the Letters Yy and Zz. It is supposed to be the rainy season - but like us they said the weather is all mixed, dry so far. Tomorrow we will leave around 6:30am for safari in the crater, then onto PeaceMatuda to get ready for the Kili climb. We are both very excited and Jill has been taking me on one-two hour training walks through the coffee fields and to the small villages of some of her students. She is known everywhere! Through the valleys you can hear small voices yelling Jill, Jill, Jill. they can see her walking on another hillside and she returns a greeting to each and everyone of them. So, Mom, Carla, Kathy, and Bob - I made it - this is just the first time the internet has been up for days. Thank you all that gave donations - they all made it here safe and sound. Karen :)

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