Thursday, May 24, 2012

4 More Weeks!

I looked up today while getting my lessons ready. Everyday I sit in the teacher's office. I study swahili, get ready for classes, play cards, drink tea, say the swahili hellos and how are you.

Sometimes I forget where I am. I get in such a routine. I forget that I am in Tanzania. I have Tanzanian students, I encounter Tanzanian problems. I still have ringworm (months now), my feet are so hard I call them my permanent 'summer feet.'

Ava and Baraka (teacher and student teacher) playing some sweet music!!
i forget that I am here because I am so comfortable here. Over 400 students, their  siblings in the villages, they all smile and say Jill, Jill! The children, their families, teachers, everyone, though they have nothing have given so much to me. I am so thankful for everyone here.

I am have four more weeks here at RVCV before I move to Arusha. I promise to live every moment and show appreciation to everyone here that has made this feel like home while I am so far away from my own.

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