Monday, May 14, 2012

Big Announcement!

It is official! I am staying to teach at another school until Christmas time in Arusha! I will be teaching at Peace Matunda School, English and Mathematics for the older standards. And I get paid!! WahoO!! I am so excited to be living in Arusha on the bottom of Mt. Meru. Peace Matunda is also an orphanage. It is much smaller then RVCV with around only 30 kids. It is Tanzanian owned, and funded primary through safaris, Kilimanjaro climbs, and the Cicely Foundation. 

So here is the official invite for everyone to come to TZ and stay with me!! I will be here for over a year total! Come, come!! Safaris, TZ culture…it's awesome!

Here are some pictures from school this last week! We have been inside a lot because of the rain, so here is Std 7 watching a soccer match. In another class I showed the Green Mountain Boys ski videos. It was most of the kids first time to see skiing! Watching them see someone do a flip on skis was hilarious! 

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