Saturday, February 11, 2012


Today I was able to have a day off so I went into Karatu with some of the teachers and students teachers. It was fun to see the 'real side' of this little town. Unfortunately, when the teachers tried to buy things for themselves, the stores would give them the 'mzungu' price....or white person price because they thought I was the one really buying it. Also, when I tried to buy something I had to convince the shop owners that I live in Tanzania. To do this you must first- only speak in Swahilli...which I am getting there and Swahilli, I must say that I am married to a Tanzanian man...thus making me truly Tanzanian...its hard work to save a few shillings....

Yohanna, who is one of the student teachers took me everywhere trying to find fabric today. We finally agreed on a pattern and a woman is now hand making us matching skirts. Bright green and blue... super African but while in Africa...

Tonight all of the volunteers are taking me out to the next town called Mtuwambu. Seven white girls...we are going to stick out like a sore thumb always. Tomorrow, Sam planned a waterfall/swimming hole hike right outside of Mtuwambu for all of us. What a great birthday weekend! I am so lucky!

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  1. furaha kwako siku yako ya kuzaliwa
    furaha kwako siku yako ya kuzaliwa
    furaha kwako siku yako ya kuzaliwa, mpenzi Jill
    furaha kwako siku yako ya kuzaliwa
    February 14, 2012