Thursday, February 9, 2012

Rats and Soccer

-Yesterday I played in my first official teachers vs students soccer game. The whole school stayed and watched as we played the boys and girls teams. All I can say is that I am sore, and we lost.

-Last night we found out that there has been a rat taking up residency in our volunteer kitchen so they set traps...old steel traps, and instead of cheese...banana bits. I love Africa.

-This Friday I am making treats and hosting a dance party for the boy houses for my birthday. On Saturday we are going to Mtowambu to do a waterfall hike and swimming hole dip! What a great birthday weekend. I think I have a few Valentines already...all under 10 years old. I told them about making Valentines cards so now they are all secretly drawing pictures of me running, me giving them hugs...its so cute.

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