Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The details! (Ignore if you recieved my email last week!)

My Trip to Tanzania!

When? November 1st 2011 - May 1st 2012

Where? I will be traveling to the northern part of Tanzania in the Oldeani Village, which is adjacent to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in the Rift Valley.

Who? I am volunteering for the Tanzanian Children's Fund. The Children's Fund has built and fully funded an orphanage that supports 80 orphans from the ages of 2-19. Many of the children have been orphaned because their parents have died from AIDS/HIV or because they are unwanted or at-risk. The Children's Fund also helps educate and manage the local primary school. They provide supplies, uniforms, and medical attention for students. They have also started a microfinance program for the families in the village.

Who knew the founder, India Howell went to UVM and their Chairman lived in Montpelier. Go Vermont!

What? I will be living in one of the buildings with another volunteer, two local 'mommas' and twelve orphans. At the orphanage I will be doing everything from getting the kids out of bed in the morning to tutoring to creating after school activities. I will also be there to help improve their local schools mathematics programs and curriculum. Most importantly I will give my love!

***Please help me volunteer! Because I am volunteering this means that I have paid for this experience. I would love to bring supplies and a money donation for the orphanage as well. This is where I am asking for your help! Because I am going for a full 6 months I do not have a lot of space to bring physical items, but if you think you have something perfect let me know! I would love to arrive at the orphanage with donations from my friends and family! Even if you can only donate $10, every dollar counts!

Donations- Please write checks out to me: Jill Kellogg- 1190 Dorney Rd Breinigsville PA 18031. I am leaving November 1st, sorry for the late notice! I will be writing one big check out to TCF, making sure to acknowledge all who donated, their information, and their donation amounts!

*For more information about the Tanzanian Children Fund please visit:

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