Tuesday, June 12, 2012

2 Weeks Left!

Sorry for such a delay. No internet for days and a super busy schedule with school closing in less than two weeks!

Here are some updates:

The Little Man
Nuru is the little boy in the red jacket.
Nuru is a little 5 year old boy in preschool here at RVCV. He is a KLR kid which means "Kids Living with Relatives". Nuru walks over 2 miles up and down trails and through coffee fields to come to RVCV every day. Everyday at 4 PM Nuru waits for the kids from school to walk him part of the way home. For over a month now, the kids from school have been forgetting him. He sits and waits and no one comes. The directors at RVCV have asked volunteers to help walk him home. One day Leah, a volunteer, saw Nuru waiting yet again. She asked him if he wanted her to walk him home. Tears filled his eyes and five of us ended up walking him home that day. On the walk home a drunk man tried to take him home with him. I explained that he was with us. No wonder Nuru is scared to walk home alone. He is only 5. He lives with his elderly grandmother, somewhere between 7-10 kids, and his older brother and girlfriend, who do whatever they please in the one room shack. He is a very quiet boy. I pray for the best for him.

Neema and I at the Track and Field Meet. 

Girls in Skirts
I was talking to one of the female teachers the other day and she commented on my jeans that I was wearing to the track meet. She asked why I was not wearing a skirt and I told her frankly I am tired of skirts and its a sporting event! She is a government employed teacher and she said that by law, she must wear a skirt to teach in. What year is it??

Alex (in green) ready to start his 400m.
Everyone runs barefoot.

Track and Field Debacle
So I have decided that I am totally going to become that crazy parent that gets kicked out of my children's sporting events. I lost it this weekend after 3 days of Track and Field and Sporting Matches for all the schools in our District.  I will write more about my weekend later- class now!!